Photo Gallery

First outing to the garden Arthurs first bath ⬆️ ⬆️ I turned my back for 2 seconds…. Nothing is safe! ⬆️ This pool wasn’t big enough ⬇️ So they upgraded to this one ⬆️ Getting flying tips from the airplanes, but staying close because they’re big and scary 🙈 Advertisements

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Arthur & Bertie

Anyone who knows me will know that I have wanted ducks for years. Since a child at school, I’d pester my parents to no avail. Then I moved out in to a 4th floor flat with a small balcony where the only pet I could realistically keep was a hamster (which, of course, I did). […]

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The not so innocence of ducks

Arthur and Bertie are inseperable, have been since day 1. That probably has a lot to do with being wrenched from a barn full of ducklings and chicks and being put in a towel-lined washing basket just the two of them, ready to go to their new home. They follow each other round the garden, […]

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Boyfriend expectations

Men are known for being a bit useless, forgetting the date of the one month anniversary and mixing up your friends name with someone you hate, but I think they are up against it. As a gender, we have a huge expectation placed upon them as soon as the line of intimacy and exclusiveness is […]

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Lipstick bags

Ah the burden of the bags under your eyes. I hate them, and as amazing as my MAC foundation is, it doesn’t disguise them completely. Some days they’re fine and not noticeable, other days they could carry an entire months worth of my food shopping. I’ve tried concealers, foundations and powders to cover them but […]

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Lotions and Potions

Everyone I know uses a different moisturiser, every fragrance comes with its own matching lotion and every day a new product is advertised as being “the best yet”. So it’s no surprise that I’ve moved from one to another and on to the next when it comes to moisturisers and the like without ever finding […]

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Carpe Noctem means to sieze the night. I thought that would be pretty apt seeing as I function better at night than most other times of the day. I generally have a lot to say and this is my little slice of opinion, recommendations and just day-to-day life

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